Speak it out! | フィリピン英語留学・セブ島語学留学ならMeRISE(ミライズ)留学

Speak it out! | フィリピン英語留学・セブ島語学留学ならMeRISE(ミライズ)留学






Speak it out!

June 26, 2016: Sunday: Tokyo English Club held its second event. Not a presentation class like the last time but a speaking activity.

The event was mainly attended by second-timers and some first timers. I hosted the event again and just as always, had a great time doing so.

First, the students introduced each other again through pairs. With first timers giving the basic information of their partner and second timers talking about what their partner has been doing recently.


Then, the first part commenced. It was an individual speaking activity regarding “HOT ISSUES” or “RECENTLY FAMOUS NEWS”. I picked two students before saying what the topic was, then gave a short overview about it, and showed a short news clip about the said topic.
I must admit that it was indeed a challenge for the participants because they had no prior idea about what they’d talk about. The instructions were: Retell the overview, add more information about it based on what you know and then state your personal opinion and feelings towards the news.
The following hot news were:

1) 7 year old boy left alone in a forest in Hokkaido
2) The Philippines’ new President
3) Orlando Shooting
4) #Brexit, Great Britain leaving the European Union


Amazingly, everyone did a great job in expressing their thoughts. We didn’t only hear what the participants felt about it but we also learned more! These students were up to date! They knew a lot.

And the pressure was all over the air. I could feel everyone’s nervousness as they stepped in front and talked about their assigned topic. However, after that we eased the tension by having a group activity.
The students were divided into two groups and they had to pick one representative from their group who had to guess a series of words by only asking YES/NO questions which his team mates would answer. It was a test of how wide their imaginations were as per asking questions.

Jilai & I doing a demo (She couldn’t guess the word! HAHA

Mr & Mrs Ono’s team won through the brilliance of Mr. Shuto! Congratulations guys!

and you can’t miss this.. a short clip of Mr. Tsukasa’s beast mode in the game! THIS MADE US LAUGH A LOT!

See you in our next event!

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