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Hsu Wei-Chieh 28歳 / 会計検査官


What is your previous job?

IMG_20191227_180242 edited私は会計検査官です。
I am an auditor.

Are you going to use English when you are at work?

IMG_20191227_180242 editedはい、グローバル企業での仕事を探そうと計画しています。
Yes, I am planning to find a job in global company.

Why do you decide to come to the Philippines?

IMG_20191227_180242 edited私はイギリスの語学学校に通った事があるのですが、価格、コース、時間を比較すると、フィリピンの方が良かったからです。価格は安いですし、レッスンはカスタマイズされています。また、グループレッスンでは他の外国人と交流をする機会もあります。
I have been to English academy in England, compare with the price、courses and time, Philippines is better. The price is cheaper, courses are customized. Also there are group classes to have the opportunity to interact with foreigners.

Why do you choose to study at MeRISE English Academy?

IMG_20191227_180242 editedフィリピンに30校以上ある語学学校をを事前に調査しましたが、ミライズ留学は中でもプロの先生が在籍しており、完全にカスタマイズされたビジネス英語のレッスンを受けられる数少ない語学学校だったからです。さらに、他の生徒と先生たちの前でプレゼンテーションをする機会があるのも、ミライズ留学を選んだ理由です。
We have done prior research about English academy which in Philippines. Although there are more than 30 English academies, MeRISE is the only among few academies which has professional、complete and customize in Business English and able to do a presentation in front of students and teachers.

How was your study in the Philippines?

IMG_20191227_180242 editedビジネス上で役立つ7つのテクニックを学びましたが、これまでに遭遇したことのないような、実用的な場面にも対応できるようになりましたし、とても自信に繋がりました。
I learned the 7 points of business techniques that is useful and helpful, make me feel confident and able to deal in pragmatic situation even I haven’t been on the battle before.

Have you studied English before?

IMG_20191227_180242 editedはい、英語は台湾の学校とイギリスの語学学校で学びました。
Yes, I was learning English at school in Taiwan and English Academy in England.

What has changed in yourself compared to before?

IMG_20191227_180242 edited以前に比べて、口頭のスキルとライティングは大きく上達したと感じています。ミライズ留学で、私は1日に5コマのマンツーマンレッスンを受けていましたが、レッスンがリスニング、スピーキング、リーディング、ライティング、や他の科目だったとしても、授業中に会話や討論をする機会がたくさんありました。
Compared to before, I realized that I got the big progress of oral and writing skills in English. In MeRISE, I have 5 man to man classes in one day, whether it’s listening、speaking、reading and writing or any subject in here, we all have to do conversation and discussion for my learning. On the other hand, aside from the accumulation and practice in classes and impromptu in class test, the pre-communication with travel agency on weekend that definitely level-up my English ability.

Did you enjoy your weekends in Cebu?

IMG_20191227_180242 editedもちろんです!私は水泳が得意なので、アイランドホッピングとスキューバダイビングに毎週末行っていました。中でも、セブ島のカワサン滝が一番面白くて楽しいアクティブティでした。一番高い位置から始め、低い位置へと、崖から水の中へ全ての場所から飛び込みました。飛び込む前から水に落ちるまで、全ての瞬間が本当に素晴らしかったです!みんな飛び込んでいるので、怖いものなんでないですね。
Absolutely! I am a person who is good at swimming. So, we went to island hopping and scuba diving every single weekend. Under my impression, the most interesting and exciting activity is right on the Kawasan falls in Cebu. We jumped out from cliff into the water, started from highest to lowest, we have been done every single point. The moment before you jump, the time you get through, when you jump off, and when you finally fall down, that is totally fantastic! If you ask me “don’t you feel scared?” I will say “everyone jumped, why not?”

Do you think your English ability has already improved through this study abroad?

IMG_20191227_180242 edited今は、英語で話すことにとても自信がつきました。フィリピンを旅行している最中にヨーロッパの人たちと出会ったのですが、きちんとコミュニケーションを取ることができました!
Now, I have full confidence to speak loud in English. Because, I encountered some Europeans when I traveled in Philippines and I can able to communicate with them!

How do you keep your English competence in the future?

IMG_20191227_180242 edited台湾に帰ったら国際企業で働き、英語を使い続けようと思います。
I will work at the international company to keep going and use it when I come back to Taiwan. Also I hope that I can have an opportunity to get online tutoring from MeRISE.

Do you have any plans after study abroad?

IMG_20191227_180242 edited台湾に戻って少し休んだら、国際企業での仕事を探したいと思います。
I have to go back to Taiwan and take a rest for a while after then, I will look for a job in international company.

Finally, I would like you to leave a message to those who are going to study at MeRISE.

IMG_20191227_180242 editedフィリピン旅行とミライズ留学をしたい方は、渡航前に幅広く下調べをして下さい!

If you also have a willingness to travel in the Philippines and study in MeRISE, please do the comprehensive research, because there are some factors that will impact your trip. Unfortunately, things such as typhoon, rainy season and sometimes the nature of Filipinos that is slow but doing things well, can be delay your schedule.
On the other side, please have an open communication with your co-teacher over and over again until you find your learning style of English that is completely fine and customize course is the special point in MeRISE, so you can choose what you want to learn!







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