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Yang Hao-Yu01 EDITED


Yang Hao-Yu 28歳 / 元ウェイター


What’s your previous job?

DSC_0910 EDITEDウェイターをしていました。カスタマーサービスで2年間働いていました。
I was a waiter, I had been worked in customer service for 2 year.

What’s your current job?

DSC_0910 EDITED実はまだ、転職中です。
Actually, I am between jobs. I am still seeking for my new job.

Are you using English when you’re at work?

DSC_0910 EDITED使います。香港スタイルの有名なレストランで働いていたので、たくさん外国人がいらっしゃいます。その時は、お客様に通訳して、紹介する必要がありました。
Yes, because I worked for famous Hong Kong style restaurant, and there are a lot of foreigners. I needed to introduce and translate to my customers.

Why do you decide to study abroad?

DSC_0910 EDITED次の就職先として、航空業界を目指しているからです。私は様々な人と関わるのが好きで、異文化を理解するのに一番良い方法は共通言語を使うことだと考えています。航空会社で働くのであれば、英語を流暢に話すことは不可欠だと思います。
Because I am looking for my new job, I hope I could work in aviation industry. I like to interact with diverse people, I think the best way to understand different culture is to have common language, and I know if I work in airline company, the common language is English, and the basic quality is fluent in English.

Why do you decide to study in the Philippines?

DSC_0910 EDITEDフィリピンは台湾に近く、コスト面でも合理的でした。将来仕事で様々な人と関わる時に、ネイティブに人を対応するとは限らないので、フィリピンに来て異なるアクセントに慣れることも重要だと思いました。
The Philippines is near Taiwan, and price is reasonable, and if I want to service different people, being familiar with different accent is also important, because there would be a possible that the people I am servicing may not be native speaker.

Why do you choose to study at MeRISE English Academy?

DSC_0910 EDITEDミライズ留学の生徒は、大学を卒業している人か、社会人が中心であることを代理店に聞いたことが決め手でした!
Because I have heard something from my agent, they said that all of the student in MeRISE is graduated student or have been working. I think the surroundings must be different and would be like the small society. People here must be approachable and sociable. Because sometimes it is hard to have communication with teenager.

How was your study at MeRISE English Academy?

DSC_0910 EDITEDミライズ留学の学習環境をとても気に入っています!理由は3つあります。
I really like learning environment in MeRISE. First of all, teachers are so friendly, approachable, and give us many opportunity to speak. Second, class is open field, I like the feeling when I am in my classes, because this surroundings make me be sensitive to listen to my teachers what they say. Final, the house keeping service is so good let my accommodation be so neat.

Have you studied English before?

DSC_0910 EDITEDもちろんです。小学生の頃から20年間英語を勉強してきました。しかし、学生の時に塾には全く通っていなかったです。航空業界に進出したいと決めた後からは、リスニング力とスピーキング力を高めるために、スピーキングが学べるレッスンを塾で取っていました。
Certainly, I have been studied English for nearly 20 year, since I was elementary student, but I did not attend any cram school when I was student. After I decide to devote myself to aviation industry, I tried to attend some classes for English speaking, to improve my listening and speaking abilities.

What has changed yourself compare to before?

DSC_0910 EDITEDたくさんの変化があります。以前より英語で話しやすく感じますし、フィリピンの旅行でもたくさん英語を話そうと試みる姿勢がつきました。それ以外にも、日本人やフィリピン人など、様々なアクセントに慣れることができました。
I think there are a lot of difference. Such as I am getting comfortable to speak English, also I tried to speak English when I was traveling in the Philippines, moreover I start to be familiar with different accent like Filipino, Japanese.

Did you enjoy your weekends in Cebu?

DSC_0910 EDITEDもちろんです!セブ島内をたくさん観光しました。1週目はモールボールに行ってスノーケリングをしまして、2週目は、オスロブでジンベエザメを見ました。3週目は、ボホール島でアイランドホッピングとスノーケリングをしました。セブの海はきれいですし、ビーチの砂も柔らかいので、好きです。
Definitely, yes. I spent a lot of time to travel in Cebu city. I went to different places, like, I went to moalboal for snorkeling on my first weekend in Cebu. I also visited Oslob for watching whale shark on my second weekend. In addition, I went to Bohol for island hopping and snorkeling on my third weekend. I really like the ocean in Cebu. It is so clean and sands are so soft.

Do you think your English ability has already improved through this study abroad?

DSC_0910 EDITED改善する余地はまだまだたくさんあると思います。でも、前より英語を話しやすくはなりました。
Not really, I think there still are a lot of things I need to improve. But I would say I would be more comfortable to speak English.

How do you keep your English competence in the future?

DSC_0910 EDITED外国人の友達と英語を話す機会をたくさん作っていこうと思います。もしくは、次の就職先で、英語を活用していきます。
I would try to make any opportunity to speak to my foreigner friends, or I would use English in my future job.

Do you have any plans after study abroad?

DSC_0910 EDITEDまずは、やりたい仕事を探します。もしかしたらまたセブ島に帰ってくるかもしれません。
Not really, I think I would find my ideal job first. Maybe I would come back Cebu again.

Finally, I would like you to leave a message to those who are going to study at MeRISE.

DSC_0910 EDITED「諦めさえしなければ、どんなレベルにでもたどり着ける!そうすれば後悔することもない。」こんな言葉がありますよね。一緒に頑張りましょう!
There is a quote: If you did not give up, you can rise to any level you want, so do not have any regret. Just come to join us!!!!